Membership Process

Through our membership process, you will learn what it means to be a member here at COH. Any person desiring to become an active member of The Church of the Highlands will begin at step one of our four-step membership process. 

  • Step 1:  Life Tracks 101 CONNECT CLASS

    It is extremely important for all members of The Church of the Highlands to understand and accept the vision that God has cast for His church. The Life Tracks 101 Connect Class will inform you of the COH vision, mission, and faith practices. You will learn "what is church" and why membership matters. 

    Classes are offered each quarter. Click HERE to be taken to the "Life Tracks Courses" page to sign up. 

  • STEP 2:   Signed Membership Covenant

    If you are interested in pursuing membership at The Church of the Highlands, the second step of the process is to complete the Membership Covenant that was provided at the 101 Class. If you did not receive a covenant, please contact the church office for one. 

    Signed Membership Covenants can be delivered in a variety of ways: 

    • Email to church office
    • Delivered by mail (17240 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70810)
    • Placed in offering basket during Sunday service
    • Dropped off at the church office during work hours (Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm)
  • Step 3:  Elder Interview

    This interview process gives us a chance to learn about you, your profession of faith in Jesus Christ, and your walk with Christ. 

  • Step 4:  Church Presentation

    Once all the previous steps are completed, new members will be presented to the church body at a regularly scheduled Sunday service. 

Membership Status & Annual Review

At The Church of the Highlands, we believe that active church membership is important. One of the ways we shall determine who is an "active" member versus who is a "regular attender" is by asking every member to complete an annual self-assessment. This assessment is also the means through which our members shall recommit with us each year. Completion of this assessment, thus recommitment, shall be expected of each member. Completing this assessment shall be the...

  • Member's affirmation of desire to remain an active Member, one of the "souls we watch over and give an account for as leaders." (Hebrews 13:17)
  • Member's affirmation of renewed agreement of Membership requirements as stated in the Church Constitution; specifically, "is living in accord with their profession of faith and this Constitution..." 

As a result of an annual review, if an individual's member status is updated from active Member to "inactive" or "former", and this individual has a desire to return to active membership status, then steps may be taken as previously stated in the Church Constitution to restore active membership. 

This annual review, completed every January, will be made available to members through an online form. At the time of renewal, a link will be provided here.